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3:24pm 07-06-2015
Alfredo Hernandez
Great job!
1:22pm 05-28-2014
Hoping and praying for all these have safe returns back to there loved ones.
9:16am 11-03-2012
Jerry kinner
since my brother Larry Baker Disappeared i had one person Listen to my story now that the truth was told to you by police i hope to get closure.can,t say Enough about what you are doing but i hope god rewards you.
2:55pm 06-01-2011
marie leyva
as i said before i'm very proud of you and linda., every thing you guys do shows us all that with effort and love makes alot of different feeling towards god will to man.again thank for all your efforts.
mom and fernando
9:43pm 09-26-2010
Warren D
Your dedication is great to this cause hope you continue to seek the missing. keep up the good work
Warren D
5:52am 04-12-2008
angela chamberlin
i think what you are doing here is great.